About Us

Our mission is to help you create an authentic home space, one piece at a time.

I'm Mary Lou and so glad you found Rush Creek Vintage. As a lifetime collector of dust and imperfection, I've sold antiques and vintage pieces for over 18 years to people just like you. Our customers are smart and thoughtful. They ignore the latest trends and share our joy for intentional living by using previously made objects for their home space.

Our Philosophy

Everyone deserves to live in a home that's more than mere shelter. A place that is peaceful, cozy and beautiful where you are free to be yourself. A place that evolves with you.

Rush Creek Vintage is here to help you find the perfect timeworn treasure for your living space. Hand-picking pieces from decades past is not just a job, it's our JOY. We go after old stuff that is still relevant for modern living. Nothing too fussy but with a touch of quirkiness, our pieces are meant to be used.

It’s time to ditch the conventional rules about decorating and decide what matters most to you. Want to surround yourself with intimacy and character? Then bring family heirlooms and flea market finds into your home. You'll never look back.

It's a slow process, though. (We call it the 'one piece at a time' process.) Mixing newer and older elements in your space can be quite striking aesthetically, lending an unconstrained, informal vibe that is yours alone.

Our vintage finds share secrets from the past, along with glorious imperfection and swoon-worthy craftsmanship. Big Bonus: buying pre-owned vintage pieces helps break the cycle of throw-away consumerism while reducing environmental impact.

Our Team

The team here at Rush Creek Vintage is small but mighty, consisting of two humans and a feline. I run the show sourcing, cleaning, researching, photographing and managing the website. When not in the garden, Mr. B. does the heaving lifting (kinda), offering considerable unsolicited advice. Our rescue, Little Cat, supervises the action by getting in the way whenever she can, grooming herself 20 hours a day and photobombing our product shots.

All in all, we get it done with humor and a lot of patience.

Enjoy browsing! If you have any questions or requests, reach out. Seriously. We answer our emails.

Cheers! Mary Lou