Buy Now - Pay Later

We are proud to introduce Shop Pay Installments - a new way to pay over time.

How does it work?

1) You (the Customer) add items to your cart. 

2) You check out using Shop Pay

3) You select Shop Pay Installments and choose to pay for your order in 4 installments. 

After you select Shop Pay Installments, you will review your purchase and will be presented with one of the following options:

1) Make your first payment at checkout

2) Make your first payment 2 weeks after the purchase was made 

The 3 remaining payments are automatically charged to your debit or credit card every 2 weeks. You will get an email reminder before each payment is charged.

Are there any additional costs to the customer?

No, there are no additional charges, interest rates, or late fees.

What purchases are available for Shop Pay Installments orders?

Installments are available for orders between $50 and $1,000 USD, including discounts, shipping, and taxes.

Can I use Shop Pay Installments for Gift Cards?

No, customer's can't buy gift cards using Shop Pay Installments.

What if I have a question or problem using Shop Pay Installments?

If you have questions about your loan, making a payment, or managing your account, click this link for more information: Installments Help Center

If you have questions about Shop Pay or the Shop app, then click this link for more information:  Paying in installments with Shop Pay.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Shop Pay Installments is available for purchases made using a debit card or credit card.