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Vintage Ontario Biscuit Advertising Box (c.1900s)

Rush Creek Vintage

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What a great display piece for your kitchen, dining room or restaurant! This old cardboard box and lid is from the now defunct Ontario Biscuit Company in Buffalo, NY. OBC was a small bakery in business during the early 1900s, making cookies, crackers and such.

This old box once held 2 lbs. of Ontario Buffalo Creams (sounds yummy!) and is in remarkable condition, considering it's age. Constructed with metal staples, they are all in good shape with the exception of a few staples in the corners of the lid. 

Due to age, we recommend using only for display to protect the integrity of this fragile box.

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Listing Includes

- ONE vintage cardboard advertising box and lid from the Ontario Biscuit Company (as shown)

Item Condition

In good condition for age of box. Graphics are somewhat faded but clear. The cardboard has surface residue, soiling, scuffs and scratches; wear to corners of lids that was repaired by previous owner with scotch tape. Includes a flat piece of cardboard in the bottom interior which provided support during transport of product. The box is constructed with metal staples showing discoloration and areas of rust. Box has not been cleaned to protect original patina.

Product Details

- Material: cardboard, metal staples

- Color: light brown, black

- Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 6"