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Signed Vintage Botanical Book, Wild Flowers at a Glance (c.1935)

Signed Vintage Botanical Book, Wild Flowers at a Glance (c.1935)

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Pocket size botanical books steal our heart every time. Wild Flowers at a Glance, signed by author Julius King, is not only informative, but a piece of art all it's own. 

Simple and gentle, there is a lot of flower power packed in this tiny volume. The perfect book to take with you as you wander the woods in search of peace and beauty.

Title:  Wild Flowers at a Glance

Format:  Hardback

Author:  Julius King

Illustrator:  Evan Thurber

Year:  1935

Publisher:  The Harter Publishing Company, Cleveland, OH

Length:  62 pages

Dimensions: 6.75" x 5.25"

Condition:  Very good condition with minor cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges.  Signed by author Julius King on cover page. There is also a name & date written in ink on the inside cover, plus 'Chautauqua' written at the bottom. No torn or missing pages noted.  Graphics and print clear and bright. The book is tightly bound. 

Includes Index and Flower Dictionary in the back. H159 printed on cover

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