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Pink Syrup Pitcher with Pewter Lid (c.1800s)

Pink Syrup Pitcher with Pewter Lid (c.1800s)

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Do you love pink and pewter? Then take a look at our oh-so beautiful antique painted English earthenware syrup pitcher from the 1800s.

The creamy white base has a deep magenta pink color on the top half plus a gold band in the greek key design pattern with blue flower focal. A raised gold zig-zag-dot pattern encircles the rim. Oh, and it still has the original hinged pewter lid with folding thumb lever.

The diamond registration mark indicates this piece was made in 1869 in England. "PANEL" is also marked on the bottom with "a567k." There is a mark on the pewter lid under the thumb lever, but unable to read clearly.

A beautiful example of English antique earthenware.

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Listing Includes

- ONE antique earthenware syrup pitcher with pewter lid (as shown)

Item Condition

There are minor surface scratches and areas of paint loss with overall mild crazing of the finish. There is a hairline crack that runs from the top rim through the pink paint for about 3". The crack is barely noticeable but does increase the fragility; this pitcher should be used for display only and should not be used to hold liquids. The pewter lid shows several rough abraded areas. Clean carefully with damp cloth.

Item Details

- Material: earthenware, pewter, paint

- Color: white, magenta, grey, gold, blue, green

- Dimensions: 7" tall and 5" from tip of spout to handle

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