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Mid Century Green Mosaic Bowl

Mid Century Green Mosaic Bowl

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A Kokura ironstone bowl from the 1950s needed a facelift, so we gave it a custom mosaic in early fall colors that's pretty enough to spice up any room in your home.

The bowl has a muted avocado green in the outside, and was previously (boring) white inside. We added a bucket full of hand cut vintage china, ceramic tiles, glass, sea shells, beads, millefiori and smalti to create a random pattern of color and texture. It's tied together with a sage colored sanded grout to seal the deal.

Functional and unique, this sassy design gives new life to a bowl that once served up mashed potatoes. (no offense, potatoes)

** Visit our entire Mosaic Collection .. all made with vintage ingredients.

Listing Includes

- ONE mid century Kokura ironstone bowl decorated with hand crafted mosaic inside the bowl (as shown)

Item Condition

Excellent condition! The bowl is in barely used condition with slight crazing in the glaze, consistent with age and use. The art of mosaic is rustic and imperfect. There are a few sharp edges, so keep away from little hands. This piece can be washed and dry gently by hand since water will not damage the grout.

Item Details

- Materials: ironstone, china, glass, tiles, shells, beads, smalti, millifiori, grout, glue

- Color: multicolor mosaic; bowl exterior avocado green

- Dimensions: 10.5" L x 7" W x 2.75" H

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