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Large Vintage Marble Collection

Large Vintage Marble Collection

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Grab this collection of old marbles before they're gone! You will receive over 100+ assorted old marbles, with some that are handmade and some that are machine made. Included here are clay marbles, handmade glass marbles, and some from manufacturers such as Marble King, Akro and Peltier.

Some folks today are serious collectors, devoting many hours exploring, researching and identifying marbles. There are lots of online sources of marble information if you get the hankering to start something new. For the rest of us, we are drawn to the simplicity of old marbles, the texture, the history. Vintage marbles can put on a glorious display of color in your home. Adults and children alike will want to touch them, roll them, line them up.

The images below show a representative assortment or the grouping you will receive, though you may get a slightly different group.

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Listing Includes

- ONE grouping of 100+ assorted antique and vintage marbles (representative example shown); glass bowl not included

Item Condition:

The marbles will be a selection of both handmade and machine made marbles from glass and clay. You will receive marbles of various designs and from various makers including Akro Agate, Peltier, Marble King and more. Some have chips and nicks and even a few cracks, and some are smooth. Lots of fascinating imperfection included.

Product Details

- Material: glass, clay

- Color: multicolor

- Dimensions: varies

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Customer Reviews

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Kathleen McCoy
Love them!

I just love this beautiful assortment of vintage marbles from Rush Creek Vintage. I’m using them to help me work towards a personal goal. Each day earns me a marble that I add to a jar, and helps me see that I’m making progress. It’s a fun way to stay motivated and I also like imagining their history and who might have played with them in the past.

They were exactly as pictured and described, well packaged, and arrived before expected. Thank you so much