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Green Depression Glass Collection with Uranium Glass (c.1930s)

Green Depression Glass Collection with Uranium Glass (c.1930s)

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Who doesn't need a little green in their lives? Our eclectic vintage green glass grouping is just what you need to freshen up your space.

This seven piece collection has something for everyone including three vases, two candle holders, a Frigidaire frosted glass beverage server from the 1930s, and a little sugar bowl. Scatter then around your home, or arrange all together for the greatest WOW factor.

As you can see from the last photo, three items in our collection are authentic uranium glass (or vaseline glass) from the depression era, as tested with a black light.

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Listing Includes

- SEVEN piece grouping of vintage green glass, several from the 1930s (as shown)

Item Condition

All pieces are in very good condition. We have provided close up photos of the various items. The Frigidaire beverage server has minor tape residue on the exterior. The matching candle holders have a hand painted floral design which shows paint loss. The short cut glass vase has a gold edge at the rim with paint loss. The 1930s sugar bowl has a bubble in the glass from manufacture. All pieces show overall surface wear and debris. No cracks or repairs noted.

Item Details

- Materials: glass, paint

- Color: green

- Dimensions: as a reference point, the Frigidaire server is 7-7/8" tall x 3.5" wide at mouth

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