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Early Steiff Velvet Baby Rattle Rabbit (c.1905)

Early Steiff Velvet Baby Rattle Rabbit (c.1905)

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Once upon a time, this soft velvet rattle rabbit lived another life in the home of adoring parents and a very lucky baby over a century ago.

Now, just in time for spring, here's a chance for you to own a rare Steiff rattle rabbit. Made by Steiff in Germany around 1905, there are very few of these antique baby rattles left today.

Made of soft brown velvet with spots and floppy ears, this little guy still has the original bell tied around his neck and a rattle sewn into his stomach. The famous Steiff button and tag are missing from his left ear, though the small hole puncture can be seen. With just a few whiskers remaining, it clear to see he was well-loved during his lifetime.

So our little rattle rabbit is here, waiting patiently for a second go-around with a family that appreciates history, quality and imagination.

Read more about the interesting history of Steiff.

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Listing Includes

- ONE antique Steiff baby rattle rabbit (as shown)

Item Condition

Good condition for a baby toy over 100 years old! There is surface wear with soil, dust and discoloration. The Steiff button is missing but small puncture hole visible in left ear. Some whiskers missing. Original bell/ribbon around neck and rattle in stomach present. The left glass eye is damaged but present; the right glass eye is in good shape.

Item Details

- Materials: velvet, cotton/wool stuffing, thread, ribbon, bell; unknown material used for rattle in stomach

- Color: brown, black, tan

- Dimensions: 5" L x 3.5" H

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