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Creepy Antique Composition Baby Doll (c.1900s)

Creepy Antique Composition Baby Doll (c.1900s)

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Delightfully creepy with a story to tell, our old composition doll is from the early 1900s, probably from the 1914-1916 era. She has a stuffed body, plus composition hands and head, you can see the doll has been exposed to harsh conditions and moisture, resulting in an A+++ creep factor related to surface wear, crazing and peeling at the head and hands.

This doll body shows hand sewn repairs. The left leg is loose at the joint, exposing the wood and plastic joint. The body stuffing appears to be fabric/felt and is stuffed firmly. The handmade baby outfit shows wear, loose stitches, missing closure and soil/staining. Overall, the arms and legs do move though are somewhat stiff. The head and hands are still tightly secured in the body.

The baby doll is marked on the back of the neck with a circle inside a 'C' or 'G' -- we have not been able to identify this mark or maker, but will update the product listing when it becomes available.

This sweet, primitive baby doll is looking for a forever home. These old dolls can be restored or can be displayed 'as is.'

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Listing Includes

- ONE antique creepy composition doll with hand made clothing (as shown)

Item Condition

Fair condition. Please note surface wear to face and hands, with resident, discoloration, cracking, crazing and peeling. The body is soiled with hand stitched repairs throughout. Left hip joint is visible. Limbs are moveable. Clothing is handmade with wear, soil, staining. Doll is marked on back of head.

Product Details

- Material: composition head and hands; stuffed cloth body

- Color: flesh, white, black, red, brown

- Dimensions: 13.5" tall x 4" wide at shoulders

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