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Antique Zither Instrument with Eagle Emblem (c.1920s)

Antique Zither Instrument with Eagle Emblem (c.1920s)

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We love barn sales because we find the best old stuff - like this antique zither musical instrument. The original owner was a spry 95 year old gentleman who told us he received this zither from his father for his 10th birthday, but he wasn't musically inclined and simply left it in his closet. At some point, it ended up neglected in the barn.

The faded paper label inside the instrument reads 'Manufactured by The International Musical Corporation, 15th and Bloomfield St. Hoboken, NJ' which was only in business for a few years in the 1920s-1930s.

This sweet old thing needs a loving home, preferably with an owner who will restore it or display it at home or in your studio. (see below for details of current condition)

Note: A zither is actually a category of stringed instruments dating back centuries. Zithers are identified by a flat wooden sound box and stretched metal strings, played horizontally on a table or lap with fingers or pick. Often called a lap guitar, mandolin or lap harp, zithers increased in popularity in the late 1800s to early 1900s and were found in many homes where they were used for parlor entertainment. 

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Listing Includes

- ONE antique wooden zither musical instrument with eagle emblem (as shown)

Item Condition 

Well. This zither lived in a barn and shows the resulting damage from weather, moisture and neglect. Shows overall surface wear, dust, grime, scuffs, scratches and loss of finish throughout. Most obvious is the large vertical crack and dent on the front of this piece extending from bottom to top. Though damaged, the wood itself is secure and not wobbly or loose.

The wood finish includes an eagle emblem (decal?) on the front, with crazing in the lacquer. The back of the instrument was not lacquered; two non-displaced cracks are present. Decal or painted cord chart present on front bottom of instrument.

The metal strings all appear to be present, though show discoloration and rust; they need tuning and tightening.

Item Details

- Materials: wood, metal

- Color: brown, grey, gold, black, red blue

- Dimensions:

21" tall from base to top of curved handle
13 1/2" wide
2" deep at base


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