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Vintage Home Decor

Whether you enjoy a relaxed unhurried space or something more traditional, great design starts with objects that you love. Blending old with new. Stretching your imagination. Ditching old ideas about the 'proper' way to decorate.

Shop our collection of vintage home accents, where each piece is hand-selected to help you keep up with your evolving decor. 

Choose from pottery, brass, art, glass, lighting and more. You will find original pieces from the 1800s to the late 20th century. 

Plus, your purchase will be delivered straight to your door! 🚀🚀 

See something you LOVE?  Don't wait. What's here today is often gone tomorrow.

🌎 Bonus: Buying vintage is part of the 'do good, feel good' movement. And rightfully so. Practicing conscious consumption, reducing your footprint and supporting small business is a good thing. 

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