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Vintage Greens We Love

Like many of you, we are keen on bringing a relaxed, restful vibe into our homes. One way to do that is with color, and green is one of those colors. With the multitude of shades and tones, green pairs well with just about any decor. 

Of course, old and weathered vintage greens, with texture and history, just can't be beat. Combined with a variety of houseplants, green may become the color that ties each part of your living space together.

But Why Green?

Green is everywhere. As the most common color in the natural world, it's no wonder green has been a favorite for centuries. 

  • Green is calming, stress-relieving, and at the same time, invigorating.
  • Green stands for vitality, freshness, growth, wealth, balance, health, & youthfulness.
  • Green stands for eco-friendly and sustainable.
Green is no longer just a color. It's now the symbol of ecology and a verb. 

Incorporating green into your living space has never been easier. Whether you just LOVE the color green, or are making conscious decisions about how you spend your dollars to create a safer environment for us all, green is here to stay. (Bonus: green vintage treasures are plentiful out in the wild!)

Below are a few of our FAVORITE greens! Enjoy browsing!


vintage green decor, st patricks day, eco friendly, sustainable living, green love

Serene Vintage Greens   (Rush Creek Vintage)


emerald green bedcover, vintage decor, vintage linens, green, antique linens
Emerald Green Bedcover  (Stonehouse Artifacts)


antique book, green book, gentleman prefer blondes, vintage book
Antique Book: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes  (5gardenias)


green wool textile patchwork
Green Wool Textile Patchwork  (Stonehouse Artifacts)


Gen Matucha painting, Mid century finger painting, Green painting, green framed art, Vintage art, Green art, Japanese art
Mid Century Finger Painted Japanese Scene  (Rush Creek Vintage)


antique and vintage marbles, old marbles, green marbles, coastal colors, glass marbles, clay marbles
Antique and Vintage Marbles in Coastal Colors   (Rush Creek Vintage)


Sustainable Apartment  (Pinterest)

Harlequin Painted Primitive Wooden Chest, antique wooden box, vintage rustic decor

Harlequin Painted Primitive Wooden Chest  (Rush Creek Vintage)


antique peasant bowls, vintage bowls, utilitarian old bowls
Antique Chinese Peasant Bowls   (Rush Creek Vintage)


house and home green bathroom
House & Home  (Pinterest)


vintage books, vintage green decor, vintage pottery with plants,
Plant Grouping  (A Beautiful Mess)


kokura ironstone, mid century green bowl, mosaic bowl, pique assiette, green decor, vintage green bowl,
Mid Century Kokura Ironstone Mosaic Bowl  (Rush Creek Vintage)


house plants stacked on old crates at home
Handmade Habitat  (Pinterest)


antique advertising tin, peanut brittle tin, candy tin, vintage green tin, rustic vintage decor

 Large Antique Advertising Tin  (Rush Creek Vintage)

Weller Green Pottery Cache Pot, Vintage Green Pottery, Antique Pottery, Green
Weller Green Pottery Cache Pot  (Rush Creek Vintage)


green gate, garden vines, green garden, rain soaked garden, secret garden, green is everywhere

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