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Victorian Sterling Silver Manicure Set (c.1900)


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Decidedly sweet and feminine, this antique silver manicure set from estate auction features a lovely Victorian floral motif decorating the handles.

The set has not been cleaned to protect the original patina. The handles have substantial weight for their size, and blades/file are sharp. Dated to the early 1900s.

A lovely keepsake, and not too different from the tools used today for manicures.

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Listing Includes

- Three-piece manicure set including a nail file, a cuticle trimmer and a third manicure tool resembling a small knife.  

Item Condition

The set is in very good condition for age.  Handles are .925 sterling silver; blades are sharp.

** From the auctioneer:

"The manicure set has been tested and the handles are .925 silver but the blades and file are of other metals so we did not weigh them. The manicure set is beautiful with the decoration on the handles and there are no dents."

Item Details

- Material: sterling silver and other metals

- Color: silver, tarnished with original patina.

- Dimensions: varies 5" - 7" in length