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Old Assorted Tea Tins from Hong Kong (c.1930s)


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These are tea tins with a story - and don't you wish you knew their story?  Retired from use ages ago, these antique tins will add a bit of eclectic boho charm to your kitchen!

Our set of three antique tea tins were uncovered at an estate sale of a former OSU professor. Two tins have paper labels, and one is a litho tin. There is no usable tea remaining in any tin. But all contain mystery!

The old yellow tin once held jasmine tea from the Tack Kee Co. This tin was made after 1928 when the country adopted the Nationalist “Sun” flag. Marked 'Made in China' on the bottom. Areas of paper label loss, discoloration, rust and dents. Dated to the 1930's.

The dark green and red tin is marked 'Produced in China'. Decorated in Asian figures and motifs; faded with areas of paper loss, discoloration, rust and dents. Dated from the 1930's.

The third round tin is Tao Tea Flowery Orange Pekoe Blend. Dated from the 1930's to 1940's. 

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Listing Includes

- THREE antique tea tins (as shown)

Item Condition

The two tins with paper labels show areas of paper label loss, discoloration, rust and dents. The litho tin shows scratches, minor dents, surface wear, discoloration. All three have not been cleaned to preserve the original patina, and show soil and residue inside and out. 

Product Details

- Material: tin, paint, paper

- Color: various colors include black, gold, yellow, silver, red, green, blue

- Dimensions: tallest tin is 3.25" W x 4.5" H x 2.5" D