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Our Story

about us

If it's got to do with developing a home space that reflects your personal values, you're in the right place.

There's a lot of noise out there when it comes to choosing furnishings and accessories for your home.

Between social media, local home stores and websites hyping their wares, it feels overwhelming. You know what you DON'T want... those boring decor trends that all look alike.

Life gets MESSY!! And that's where you get stuck.

Let's face it, you HUSTLE every day with work, kids, grandkids (that's me!), family obligations plus household duties. Feel like you're spinning your wheels?

Do you ever just want to hit PAUSE and think through what's really REALLY important to you?

Trust me, my friend, we've all been there. 

Well, Hello!!

I'm Mary Lou, 40% collector, 40% photographer, 40% entrepreneur, and 10% coffee.☕

As a lifetime collector, I've sold vintage & antiques for over 12 years to 1100+ satisfied customers who are jazzed about creating a living space that's more than mere shelter.

I'm on a mission to help you find that perfect timeworn vintage treasure for your relaxed living space, with all the glorious imperfection, history and craftsmanship that you deserve. 

It's time to ditch the conventional rules about decorating and transform your home into a place of comfort and sanctuary, a place where you can recharge. There is room for both new and old in any home. The combination can be quite striking aesthetically, lending an unconstrained, informal vibe that we all yearn for.

More importantly, using preloved objects in your home, the collected and meaningful heirlooms, helps break the cycle of throw-away consumerism and overconsumption.

The chosen word for this? Intentional Living... a conscious mindset that inspires decisions based on your core values. It’s about intentionally cultivating more of what you value and intentionally saying no to the things you don’t.  

To be honest, we take a dim view of trendy buzz words. However, we've been moving our lives in this direction for a long time, so why not own it? And while shifting towards an intentional life looks different for everyone, it's an ongoing process that's well worth it.

So, how do you bring intentionality into your home? One step at a time.

Start by slowing down, digging deep and being mindful of your actions. Some thoughts:

  • Buying less but buying better
  • Mixing in vintage objects that add character and history
  • Shopping thrift stores and estate sales for unique decor 
  • Starting a collection of items you love (I collect original vintage art and it has transformed our home)
  • Adding more plants and natural materials to your space
  • Layering vintage pillows, rugs, blankets and textiles to increase comfort and coziness
  • Growing your own herbs and vegetables
  • Cooking more at home vs. take out
  • Eating together as a family more often
  • Reduce the use of disposables in favor of reusable items

You get the idea. Remember: rather than focusing on everything, focus on what matters most. You will discover that practicing intentionality will streamline many decisions and start simplifying your life. #truth

📝 Feeling stuck and not sure how to begin? Here are 3 questions that'll get you moving forward.

Behind the Name

When we started Rush Creek Vintage, we knew it was going to be a distinct business, slightly off grid because of our philosophy about composing the ideal home space. (yep, we're not into trends if you haven't figured that out yet) 

With all that’s happening in the world, we believe that connecting the past to the future is even more crucial in the 21st century. 

Frank Lloyd Wright, whose work inspired Rush Creek Village here in Central Ohio, said it best: creating environments, both functional and humane, focuses not only on the appearance but how it connects with and enriches our lives. 

Our advice? Develop your living space based on how YOU want to live and feel, not how others think it ought to look. It's your home and you don't need to play by anyone else's rules. 

Stay with us, friend, as we HELP you create a home you LOVE!!

Our Team

Here's a snap of our small but mighty team! 👋

That's me, of course. Next is my dear husband, Mr. B., Operations Assistant, who does the heavy lifting (literally) and has my back (always). Last is Little Cat, Chief Napper, who takes every opportunity to photobomb my product shots and sleep on my keyboard.

You might like to know...

+  I consider myself a bit of an introvert and cherish solitude

+  I wanted to be an artist growing up, but practicality took over (thanks Mom & Dad👆) and chose a career in healthcare

+  I love my grey hair and encourage ya'll to stop coloring

+   As a Libra, I can be annoyingly indecisive

+  I'm enchanted by ALL old stuff. I honestly thought this was a universal thing until I discovered not everyone shares the same fairytale fascination about dust and imperfection

+  We believe that giving back to our community is imperative. I volunteer at our local food pantry, while Mr. B., a Master Gardener, shares his passion with others about responsible growing

So, what's next?

First, thank you for stopping by to learn what makes us tick! 

We invite you to hang around and peruse our site. If you have any questions, PLEASE reach out here: Contact Us. Promise to respond dippity do!

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