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Our Story

Home is where the story begins.

Hi there! I'm Mary Lou and welcome to Rush Creek Vintage. We are SO glad you're here!

As life-long collectors of old stuff with experience selling on other platforms, we decided to launch our very own website in February, 2020. (Yikes, right at the beginning of the pandemic!!) We didn't really know what to expect, but decided to lean in for the ride.

Our belief is simple.

A home is much more than mere shelter; it should lift us up emotionally. We need our home to be a place of refuge from the outside world. Home is where we rest and recharge, the place where we are most free to be ourselves. Harmony, peace and rhythm is essential to living our best life, therefore our home space. 

So, how do we build an intentional space to provide us with much needed sanctuary? If you wait until you you can afford to buy everything new, you'll be disappointed. A home should be put together based on how we want to live and feel, not how we think it ought to look. 

It's layering old with new, collected and meaningful heirlooms, that connects the past to the present. Using natural materials, vintage or second-hand furniture with newer quality items creates a conscious, comfortable style that is entirely your own.

Our advice? Follow your own path. Ditch old ideas about the 'proper' way to decorate. Be curious. Allow yourself time to experiment. Enjoy the journey!

"As we evolve, our homes should too."

Our customers.

One thing we know for sure: our customers are discriminating. They embrace imperfection, history, patina and stories. Our customers are conscious consumers who make their own rules when it comes to styling their space. 

So, at Rush Creek Vintage, we offer you a thoughtfully curated collection of 350+ authentic antique and vintage objects from different eras to help you shape a cohesive narrative for your living space. We don't sell reproductions or 'vintage-style' objects like you find at your local home goods store. Nope. Only the real deal here.

The quest.

We truly enjoy the hunting for the uncommon. Finding glorious old pieces with stories to tell literally make our hearts skip a beat. The items we sell are sourced through flea markets, barn sales, auctions, antique shops, estate sales and simply wandering down back roads. Craftsmanship, heart and soul are the cornerstone of our collections and what you, our customer, expects from us.

Giving back.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

After a lifetime of working outside of our home (me in healthcare and my husband in criminal justice), we been able to shift our focus towards our own community here in Central Ohio.

My husband is a Master Gardener and active in our neighborhood community garden. In addition, he volunteers many hours with local groups to share his passion and teach others about responsible growing. Me? As a retired dietitian, I volunteer at our local Food Pantry where we have witnessed a dramatic increase in neighbors needing support throughout the pandemic and beyond.

To us, it is imperative that we give back. We are privileged and humbled to help others by sharing our time and knowledge.

... So, thank you again for visiting Rush Creek Vintage. We appreciate you taking time to read this page and browse our shop. We hope you like what you see!

Cheers! Mary Lou