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Antique Ohio State University Makio Yearbook (c.1921)


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Buckeye fans are the BEST!! And so are old yearbooks! Here's your chance to pick up a bit of Buckeye history from the 1920s!

Our authentic Ohio State University yearbook, Makio, was purchased from the estate of a former OSU professor in Columbus, Ohio.

Dated 1921, this old yearbook was stored in a damp basement and has minor foxing, discoloration and yellowing of the pages. The spine is somewhat loose. Smells musty. Fragile and sacred.

The pages of this yearbook tell the Buckeye story and where it all began - football, basketball, academics, sororities and fraternities, Mirror Lake - it's all here, from nearly 100 years ago. Bonus: includes several color plates - so cool!

Heavy and substantial - a keepsake for generations to come!


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Listing Includes

- ONE Ohio State University yearbook, Makio 1921 (as shown)

Item Condition

Book was sorted in a cardboard box in a damp basement; it shows minor foxing, discoloration and yellowing of the pages; some pages slightly rippled due to past moisture. The spine is somewhat loose. Smells musty.

Product Details

- Material: cardboard book cover, paper, ink, binding materials

- Color: cover is dark mottled gray and gold; interior pages vary

- Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 1-7/8"